Information On Building Steel Sheds

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Information on Building Steel Sheds.


My name is Ken Wilson, I would like to share some information I have gained over the years in the Shed Building and Construction Industry, please feel free to drop me an email though the Contact Us page if you have any queries or would like any further information to help you through your Shed Building Project.

A steel shed can be built in situ or as a prefabricated unit, with a welded steel tube frame.

Steel Posts Into Concrete Foundations.

The posts of whatever size you mayhow to put steel posts directly into concrete foundations need for your project could be of either  steel tube or pipe that can be designed to go directly into the concrete foundation.

Note how the Concrete is tapered off, to keep water from laying at the base of the post.

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Hold Down Bolts in Concrete Foundations.

This is my preference rather than concreting Posts directly into the ground, this allows adjustment up or down on the post.

Hold down bolts are  very easily set up,Setting up a template for Concrete Hold Down Bolts usually 1/2″ (12mm) threaded rod, 2 ft (600mm) long with a kick on one end.

For everything to fall into place, set up a plywood template to the exact bolt hole centers of your steel plates.

Place your 4 hold down bolts into each template with a nut either side to hold in place, and set up in the hole.

Once the concrete is poured and dry, remove the template, and drop your posts onto the hold down bolts.

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Steel Plates With Base Plates.

My preference is posts with steel plateswelding a post onto a steel plate complete with 4 holes welded to the bottom.

The Steel Plate can be any size, but mainly to suit the structure you are constructing, usually 1/4” (5mm) to 3/8” (10mm) thick.

The holes need to be drilled with a clearance for the size of your Hold Down Bolts. No matter how precise your measurements may be, nothing is perfect.

Steel Trusses

The steel trusses for your shed are designed to carry the roof load, and are usually made in one piece.

The trusses can then beBuilding steel trusses for a shed or house either bolted or welded to the posts when your design is finalized.

The roof battens can be either C section purlins, top hat section or timber.

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Roofing your Shed

Roofing your Shed is all about looks and ease of fixing to your Roof Battens.

Choose the color of your roof to suit the surroundings and the general feel of the  structure, blend it in to the environment.

This image shows a few of theProfiles of different styles of roofing different Roofing Profiles that are available, most times its just a matter of personal choice.

The sheets can be ordered in any length to save any cutting during the fixing of the sheets.  This saves lots of time and money.

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Roof Fixing Screws.

Roofing Screws come in all sizes and lengths.

There are also different types of screws for Metal and Timber Roof Battens.

They also come with Rubber Washers, as shown on image to make a perfectly tight weather seal against your roof.

Roofing sheets are usually fixed Metal and timber roof fixing screwswith 5/16″ (8mm) Screws.

Nut Setters or Tek Screw Heads are available for the different size screws you may be using.


Wall Sheet Fixing Screws.

Whether your wall battens are woodButton Head Screws used for timber or metal, the wall sheeting can be fixed easily and quickly using Button Head Screws, or you could Pop Rivet your sheets on if you have metal wall battens.

The top image are of the screws you use when fixing to wood, note how the threadButton Head Screws for fixing to metal starts at the pointy end.

This bottom image are the screws you use when fixing to metal battens, note at the start of the thread is the cutting edge that drills the correct size hole through the metal first.

Wall Fixing with Rivets.

If you prefer a cleanerWhat is a pop riveter sharper look of your fixings you could Rivet your wall sheets on with a Pop Riveter.

The only way to achieve this is to have metal wall battens on your structure.

Rivets come in different lengths and sizes, depending on thickness of metal you are fixing to and your wall sheet thickness. Also, and this is “very important” check with your supplier that you use the “exact size drill bit” that the rivet has been designed for, if not and the drill bit it to large, the rivet will not pull the two metals together.

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I do hope I have helped in some way with the information I have supplied on this page.  If you require any further help with anything, please contact me through the Contact Us Page or directly on