Information On Building Steel Sheds

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Information on Building Steel Sheds.


My name is Ken Wilson, I would like to share some information I have gained over the years in the Shed Building and Construction Industry, please feel free to drop me an email though the Contact Us page if you have any queries or would like any further information to help you through your Shed Building Project.

  • A steel shed can be built in situ or as a prefabricated unit, with a welded steel tube frame.
  • The posts whether they be of steel tube or pipe can be designed to go directly into the concrete foundation.
  • My preference is posts with steel plates, complete with 4 holes welded to the bottom.
  • Hold down bolts are then placed in the foundation, this allows adjustment up or down on the post.
  • Hold down bolts are easily set up, usually 1/2″ (12mm) threaded rod, 2 ft (600mm) long with a kick on one end.
  • For everything to fall into place, set up a plywood template to the exact bolt hole centres of your steel plates.
  • Place your 4 hold down bolts into each template with a nut either side to hold in place, and set up in the hole.
  • Once the concrete is poured and dry, remove the template, and drop your posts onto the hold down bolts.
  • The steel trusses for your shed are designed to carry the roof load, and are usually made in one piece.
  • The trusses can then be either bolted or welded to the posts.
  • The roof battens can be either C section purlins, top hat section or timber.
  • The roofing sheets should be fixed with 5/16″ (8mm) Tek Screws with rubber washers.
  • Wall sheets can either be fixed with button head screws or pop rivets.