Plans And Designs To Build A Barn Shed

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Barn Shed Plans.

Barn Style Storage Shed Plans by Charles Kirkland.

Barn Shed PlansSo you want to build a Barn Shed yourself.  Before you race off to the hardware and start grabbing everything off the shelf, have a think about a few things first.

Where am I going to place the Barn Shed, how big is it going to be, what do I actually need to store inside.  How many doors and windows and where to place them to get the best use.

Takes away all the guess work, purchase a full set of Barn Shed Plans, and your project will run as smooth as silk, with no ongoing problems.

When you purchase you plans, this is what you will get:-

  • Easy to read step by step building plans.
  • Full material list.
  • Full size Rafter templates, saves you how to learn a Framing Square.
  • Window and door construction details.

There are two different levels of Shed Plans available to fit any budget. 

  1. Deluxe Shed Plans with Vinyl Siding and Trims.
  2. Economy Shed Plans with wood siding.
  • Complete material list for both of the Plan options.
  • Full Roof plans.
  • Clearly laid out Roof Rafter plans.
  • Choose either wood or Concrete foundations
  • Window and door frame and construction details, change locations and size.
  • 70 Page Construction Manual.

PLUS !!!!!!

  • How to install Shingles that wont leak.
  • The correct way to install Vinyl Windows.
  • Six, very important, must follow steps on installing Vinyl Siding.

Select the Barn Shed Plan to suit your purpose.

We all know there are heaps of Shed Plans in the market or online. The main thing is that make sure the Plans you do purchase come with complete and precise material lists for each plan.

Some of the freebie plans you can get do not come with material lists.

Proper Barn Shed Plans, like these from Charles Kirkland, come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you are not stuck with a one off design. This will allow you to decide what fits and looks better on your site.

What do you want to do with your Barn Shed.

Maybe you want a Barn design type shed because of the specific look of this design, perhaps you are in a outdoorsy area or on a substantial property and it will fit in with the setting.

Thinking on a bit, are you going to use your Barn Shed for the storage of garden tools, or maybe storing a Ride On Mower for instance or is going to be used for a family gathering for barbeques or an entertainment area

There are so many variables to think about before purchasing your Barn Shed Plans.

Foundations and Floors

Concrete Floors
• Setting out for a concrete slab can be time consuming.
• Preparing the slab, form work, reinforcing mesh can be reasonably fast for a small shed.
• Pouring the slab, how close can I get the concrete truck,
• Do I need a hand, YES you do, don’t even try to pour a small slab by yourself, something USUALLY GOES WRONG, and when your dealing with wet concrete and a driver who wants to get moving, its not easy on your own.
• Is it to hot or cold to pour your concrete slab, be careful of cracking in the heat.
• Once the slab is down, you do have a solid base for building your Barn Shed.
• Concrete slabs are close to the ground, probably no need for ramps or steps in.
• Do you live in a high rainfall area, are you prone to a bit of water or flooding. If you are, you may need to go to Plan B (next paragraph)

Wooden Floors.
• Setting out your foundation layout can be time consuming.
• Digging the stump holes, placing and concreting the stumps in can be time consuming.
• Choose whatever height off the ground you like, that’s a plus.
• Laying of Bearers and Floor Joists is an easy job, and you can see progress immediately.
• Lay your bottom plates and start your stud walls, now your away.
• No problems with any water, but your will need steps and maybe a ramp now.

I do believe there are Pros and Cons of both types of flooring, and there are different uses of both, but whichever you choose ‘’Happy Concreting’’ or ‘’Happy Stumping’’

Where do I want my windows and doors.

This gets back to the previous paragraph of what I am using my Barn Shed for. Let’s say you want to be able to run a Ride On Mower inside, you will have to allow for a door at least 6’’ (150mm) wider at both sides of your mower for easy access.

Secondly, your door will have to be placed for easy access to swing the mower in without damage to any lawns, shrubs etc, and if you are building your Barn Shed on a raised Wooden Floor, this could mean a ramp up to the door.

Window placement is also important, as we need as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Think about the size of the windows also, big massive windows could equal less shelf and storage capacity inside.

What design roof should I have.

Before you even start planning this, check with your local Building and Planning Authorities to see if there are any restrictions or Building Codes stating the type or design you are allowed to build.

As you are building a Barn Shed, you would probably tend to go towards a Gable or Double Gable in preference to a Flat or Skillion Roof.

Then you have to decide on either a Metal or maybe a Shingle type roof, and don’t forget the guttering and Storm Water drainage.

Purchase your Barn Shed Plans here from Charles Kirkland and happy building.